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Raped Slut

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Nov. 18th, 2010 | 12:29 am

I have been updating a little about this on twitter, by the way if you aren't following me on twitter what the fuck are you thinking?? http://twitter.com/princess_laceyx

Anyways I had this one slut message me begging to be raped by me and then thrown away. Nothing more nothing less. He actually did have one request he wanted me to update my livejournal about it. Well here you go slut. Well he started by giving me 200 as a hello. Afterwards I blocked him. As well it should be, I was done with his dumb ass. Well the slave emailed me begging to be raped yet again. Another 300 in my pocket. Of course this was all he had though, so blocked again.

Of course this slut couldn't stay away so. . . look what happened.

And it was given with this email.

"well thanku very much for raping me like a bitch then throwing me away like a slut, thanku Princess, pls go ahead and totally block me on eveything now as a slut with no money is a fucking piece of shit and u dont need a piece of shit like me.

thanku for treating me well and keeping yr word, i dont expect to hear from u again as i served my purpose and was destroyed for yr pleasure, hope u enjoyed destroying me :)

look forward to seeing my humiliation and degrading on yr journal, twitter and 'ask princess' and i especially look forward to becoming a fav slave :) what an honour!!! pls use any txt and edit it to fit yr needs, pls use my pic for all yr sites and pls enjoy degrading me.

u can use any of these emails to if u want :)

an honour to be raped and thrown away by u Princess, thanku so much for this.....raped for $500 and then dismissed n blocked like a slut for being of no more use :) beautiful, thanku thanku thanku Princess.

take care and i hope my pathetic face will remain on yr sites as a joke for along time :)


Well after all this the next day he message me again with another 200. And tried to send even more. But his cc was declined lol. So now he is blocked until he can get me another 800. Ah poor rape sluts. And this is his reward. This entry right here.

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Princess Angel

From: princessangelx
Date: Nov. 18th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC)

If anything, he should go back to grammar school.

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Princess Lacey

From: princesslacey
Date: Nov. 19th, 2010 05:30 pm (UTC)

LOL as long as he can spell his name on the credit card part I am happy

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